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Our Services

For individuals and families looking to design or renovate a home, Architrave is a trusted residential design firm providing highly customized experiences throughout the Midlands and Lowcountry of South Carolina. With decades of local expertise and a commitment to client service, Architrave will bring your vision to life.

Our Process


Site Consult

We like to first meet you at the site of your home renovation or the lot of your new build. This way, we can stand on the property with you and talk about what your vision looks like. We’ll assess the property and then give you a questionnaire to help shape your thoughts and figure out your unique needs.


Financial Meeting

Step two is the financial conversation. We will go over necessary fees and broad budgets. This is vital to realistically shaping what we can do with your vision.


Timeline of Project

Step three is an outline of what is to come. We will either talk through the process of new construction or home renovations. We will set a timeline and begin laying out initial concepts or programming bubbles.



Next, we will present a first drawing. We will digitally create a two scale, colored, plan diagram that will show rooms, door openings, etc. to give you an overview of what everything will look like.


3D Design

If everything looks good in the initial drawings, we will then create a digital model of your home. This 3D sketch will include elevation, palettes and other basic items to provide a better view of a finished home.


Design Development

Next comes the details. We will go over interior elevations, what the walls will look like, how high the ceilings are and every other detail that will make your home special to you.


Construction Negotiations

Step seven is when we begin engaging with contractors, designers, landscapers, etc. We will work with you to bring in those outside consultants and begin putting preliminary prices together from contracts. This is also when we will make sure we meet the guidelines of any review boards that may be involved.


Construction Documents

Next, we will prepare all of the drawings necessary to build or renovate your home. At the end of this step, we will have construction documents ready and your contractor will be able to confirm your pricing estimate.


Construction Administration

Then, we will work with your selected contractor to make sure they have everything needed to secure any County/City/Jurisdictional permitting required.


Construction Begins

It’s now time for construction to begin. We will be involved throughout construction watching out for the design integrity of the project and answering questions that arise, etc. It’s important to us to be involved all the way until the end of your project.


Post Construction

Once your home is complete, we will still be working with you side-by-side to make sure everything is what you dreamed of and nothing else needs to be completed.

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Architrave not only assisted us with planning and design, but have also been integral in helping us navigate local building codes, requirements and processes to achieve our objectives. Their attention to detail and dedication to the work is evident in the work they have shown us.”


Dale Marshall has all the qualities that you want to find in a professional architect. I hired Architrave to design a home for us on a challenging lot. We now have a home that is practical and suited to our needs. Dale placed the structure perfectly on the lot, incorporated beautiful details in his plan, and collaborated well with everyone.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

That depends — everything we do is custom to you. Let’s talk.

Can I live in my house during renovation?

We highly recommend you find somewhere else to stay during your renovation. It’s much more comfortable and peaceful that way for you and/or your family.

How quickly can we get our project done?

Good things take time. A rush job is never the right answer. Let’s talk about a realistic timeline.

Can you help me pick a contractor?

Absolutely. We believe contractor compatibility is very important to any project. We have a list of trusted folks and can also help you vet someone you may be interested in.

Where in South Carolina do you do work?

Greater Columbia and Greater Charleston area but we would be happy to chat about your project needs.

More questions?

Contact us to begin the process of bringing your dream home to life.